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A Diverse & Thriving Enterprise

Set amongst the grass-rich Vale of the White Horse, Stanford Park Estate stretches to approximately 800 acres. Since 1997, Mark and Hayley Stoneham have built up and nurtured the Estate into a thriving, diversified and environmentally focused agricultural enterprise.

The farm requires minimum artificial inputs as a result of a virtuous cycle of muck from our grass-fed pedigree Beef Shorthorn herd being recycled onto the land to create the straw that is used in feed and bedding.

“Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. Our aim at Stanford Park has always been to create a profitable enterprise combining scientific advancements with traditional farming methods. Our focus is on working with nature, not against her”.

Mark & Hayley Stoneham, Stanford Park

Pedigree Beef Shorthorns

Stanford Park runs one of the largest recorded pedigree Beef Shorthorn herds in England. During spring and summer our cattle have plenty of space to roam and enjoy the grassland, with stocking levels equivalent to less than one animal per acre. As a suckler herd calves are left at foot with their mothers for up to 10 months before being weaned on to the nutritious home grass.

In the winter months the cattle are housed in new modern state of the art buildings and bedded on fresh straw. The buildings have unique welfare features that allow the best husbandry and feeding regime. The cattle enjoy “room-service” twice a day and even have regular pedicures!

Residential Lettings

Stanford Park Farmhouse and all the original Grade 2 listed historic and heritage agricultural buildings at Stanford Park have been carefully converted into extremely high quality and environmentally friendly residential dwellings. These are occasionally available for rental on Assured Shorthold tenancies. Further information can be found on our Living at Stanford Park page.

Equestrian Centre

Stanford Park also encompasses Coldharbour Farm which hosts our magnificent equestrian centre managed by Emma Owen (Coldharbour Grazing). The equestrian facility boasts a six furlong Wexford Sand all weather rising gallop as well as outdoor Olympic arena, horse walker and equine spa. 30 loose boxes for livery and “keep” are set in over 50 acres of free-draining grazing and turn out land. Emma can be contacted on 07868 241315.

Arable Production

The arable land is currently managed by James Blanchard and his family who share the same values as the team at Stanford Park, looking to enhance the natural habitats of wildlife by preserving nature corridors across the land and leaving wide field margins and hedgerows to encourage bird and insect propagation. The traditional rotational farming methods used typically produce beans, barley and wheat.

Centrally Located

Stanford Park Estate comprises approximately 800 acres of prime Oxfordshire land in the middle of the Vale of the White Horse near Faringdon. The chalk downlands and pre-historic White Horse Hill with its Iron Age Hill Fort, Uffington Castle give way to the rich grassy Vale with its own micro-climate as a result of the shelter provided by the 110m high protective ridge of the Ridgeway. Our central location with convenient access to the M4 and M40 motorways puts us within 2 hours’ drive of much of the South of England, Wales and the Midlands. We invite you to get in touch to arrange a visit and see for yourself what makes Stanford Park thrive.

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