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Traditional farming in the modern manner…

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. The inexorable desire to increase productivity and yield has led to massive pressure on soil quality and the environment. At Stanford Park, much of what we do is an attempt to reverse this trend.

Despite our regard for traditional farming, we are leading the industry with embryo work and improvements to the Beef Shorthorn Breed. Our success is grounded in the marriage of science with the natural grass-fed approach and minimum carbon footprint.

Meet the Stanford Park team

A powerful combination of entrepreneurial vision and Beef Shorthorn expertise, underpinned by years of experience in livestock management.

Mark Stoneham

Mark Stoneham, Stanford Park’s owner, was brought up on his family farm in the Kent Countryside. He is married to Hayley who he considers his …
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Simon Bradley Farmer

Simon Bradley Farmer, the Estate Manager, has worked with cattle and sheep his entire life and has had an illustrious career. His knowledge of Texel …
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Tina Russell

Tina is as passionate about the Shorthorn breed as her partner Simon. As well as being a qualified cattle classifier, trained by Holstein UK, Tina …
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Cathy Vizor

Cathy has had a successful international career working in the chemical business but is now devoted bookkeeper, administrator, property manager, human resource director and farm …
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Wayne Stanton

Wayne Stanton has lived on the Farm for over 20 years and is a living encyclopaedia about the land knowing precisely where the drains run, …
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Pete Compton

Peter was brought up in Bishops Waltham in Hampshire; his love of the land came from his Grandpa’s farm in Shaftesbury. He was educated at Sparsholt …
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Set your Beef Shorthorn herd up the right way

With over 40 years’ experience with Beef Shorthorns and cattle management between us, we are often asked for advice and guidance when setting up a pedigree herd or introducing genetics into a commercial herd. We encourage prospective purchasers to arrange a visit to Stanford Park Farm, where you’ll have the opportunity to view our herd management and genetics and discuss your personal cattle breeding objectives. We are always pleased to assist farmers and breeders who are new to the Beef Shorthorn. Our team have served as Directors on the Beef Shorthorn Society Board and have a wealth of knowledge regarding pedigrees, Herd Health Schemes, Classification and EBVs.

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