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Stanford Park Beef Shorthorn Herd

The Oxfordshire based Stanford Park herd is built on established, long-standing Beef Shorthorn bloodlines, combined with new genetics from leading herds in North America, Canada and Australia. We find that together these bloodlines produce us a moderate size female with all the maternal traits the Beef Shorthorn is famous for. Breed type, health, structure and fertility are of upmost importance to us. Dovetailed with milk and forage feed conversion for great daily live weight gain our approach results in a successful Store trade for us and outstanding breeding bulls.

Stanford Park runs one of the largest recorded pedigree Beef Shorthorn herds in England which necessitates having several pedigree stock bulls to compliment the types of cow we run at the farm. When selecting our stock sires we look very closely at parentage, classification of the dam, performance recorded figures, unique genetics and solid phenotype. One of the first stock bulls we purchased in 2013 was Gilven Fairfax, whose son Kassam of Longfield went on to become National Male Champion at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2019. Fairfax was purchased for his strong milk figures and tremendous stature to enable us to retain his daughters in the herd.


When we set up our female herd we were looking for proven breeding behind the females. Our first group of heifers came from Vale Meadows herd in South Wales. Amongst these heifers were some recognised families which have gone on to become great foundation cows here. With some, we have gone back through their breeding to reinstate their correct family names as their daughters have been born.

Within the Beef Shorthorn Society there are special protected female families that can only be used in their pedigree name if they derive from that family. Here at Stanford Park we have selected our female lines very carefully and amongst them are lots of protected names including, Augusta, Barrington Duchess, Blythsome, Broadhooks, Clipper, Crocus, Duchess, Floss, Flossy, Foggathrope, Gypsy, Lady, Lavender, Lovely, Matchless, Nonpareil, Princess, Ramsden, Secret, Wildeyes and Wimple. One of our successful families is Carnation Rouge, and although not protected, they have bred extremely well for us here.

Set your Beef Shorthorn herd up the right way

With over 40 years’ experience with Beef Shorthorns and cattle management between us, we are often asked for advice and guidance when setting up a pedigree herd or introducing genetics into a commercial herd. We encourage prospective purchasers to arrange a visit to Stanford Park Farm where you’ll have the opportunity to view our herd management and genetics and discuss your personal cattle breeding objectives. We are always pleased to assist farmers and breeders who are new to the Beef Shorthorn. Our team have served as Directors on the Beef Shorthorn Society Board and have a wealth of knowledge regarding pedigrees, Herd Health Schemes, Classification and EBVs.

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