Simon Bradley Farmer

Simon Bradley Farmer, the Estate Manager, has worked with cattle and sheep his entire life and has had an illustrious career. His knowledge of Texel Sheep and Shorthorn Cattle is prodigious. As an Ex-Director of the Beef Shorthorn Society he has been involved with several initiatives to promote the breed including working with Morrisons and Premium Cattle Health Scheme. At Stanford Park Estate Simon has been able to design, from scratch, the ideal cattle breeding and housing environment. He continues to research to enhance the Breed, including embryo transplants and research into gender selection techniques. Apart from his passion for Roan Shorthorn cattle Simon enjoys the social side of showing cattle and is a regular at Stirling and other showgrounds with his “better-half” Tina. Together they enjoy the rare honour of having been blessed with Stanford Park’s cattle on the steps of the St Paul’s cathedral by the Bishop of London.

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